Cyber Security Solutions

Resilient One a Cyber Security framework and application ecosystem specialized in providing state-of-the-art solutions to aerospace and IoT companies to help them grow their data resiliency and information security. 


ResilientOne is building the platform for the future of information.

Cloud adoption, security, privacy and the continual battle against misinformation has become one of the most significant issues for the new generation informational era.

"Our mission at ResilientOne is to provide 'just in time' security intelligence, data and quality software solutions to the aerospace sector, driving innovation, disruption and growth, pushing boundaries of deep technologies and integrating them for a common and social goal."

Juan Ramirez - CEO


To be resilient is to know yourself, understanding the need and requirements of your business to succeed we provide the right framework for it

Secure & Relevant

Get insight instantly of new trends in near real time, directly to your devices. Transfer sensitive information securely and enable friction less authorization.

Adapt, evolve, explore

New marktes open a new world,new threats and uncertainty.

We help you incorporate tools and technologies to better assess the future.


Threat Modeling

Profile your attacker next move by simulating threat scenarios automatically.

Risk Analysis

Plan, develop and deploy better security postures and plan future proof models

Risk Priority Index

Prioritize your defense stance across multiple scenarios

Secure Architecure Design

Secure by design your products to defend agaist current and future threats

Zero Trust framework

Deploy, monitor and control assets across multiple platforms using of Federated Space Network that allows easy security deployments for the future of IoT

SatCom - Ground Station VAPT

Manage your Vulnerability and stay one step ahead at all times and test the limits of your team and infrastructure to better improve your security stance

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Secure your servers and buy peace of mind. Download our resilient agent for your system and let it tell you the Vulnerabilities you might be threaten by.

Proactively secure yourself and others

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